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Requirements for getting married in Ireland

Some things you need to know before saying “I do" in Ireland.

There are various ways you can marry in Ireland. The most common is Religious, however as old communities are evolving and new communities are emerging, there are a growing number of couples deciding to personalise and simplify their ceremony by booking a professional Solemnising Celebrant who can legally marry them. No matter what way you choose to get married in Ireland below is a snapshot of the main requirements.

  • You must be over 18 years of age.

  • You must be unmarried & unrelated.

  • You must give a minimum of 3 months notice of intent to the Health Service Executive (HSE).

  • You can be of the same or opposite sex.

  • You must be legally deemed capable of understanding what a marriage is and give your consent.

  • The legal part of a marriage Ceremony must be carried out by a registered Solemniser.

Cara, The Celebrant Way, is a Solemnising Celebrant who can write and perform legal wedding ceremonies. Accredited by Entheos, which is a non-denominational faith path, authorised to carry out ceremonies for couples of all faiths and none. Therefore, Entheos Solemnisers are listed on the HSE Register of Solemnisers as a Religious body, as opposed to secular/civil. This classification means that your ceremony will be held in accordance with the rights and ceremonies of Entheos which is entirely non-denominational and can contain as little or as much spirituality as you like. Entheos Celebrants have the freedom to include religious content for those who request it and none for those that don’t. Entheos Celebrants are committed to fostering inclusivity & accessibility, so no couple would ever be refused on the grounds of any diversity.

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