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Benefits of booking a Wedding Celebrant

Cara Fuller, The Celebrant Way

Cara Fuller, The Celebrant Way, is a professional Celebrant and Registered Solemniser accredited by the IIOC and Entheos.


What are the benefits of booking a Celebrant for your wedding?

When planning a marriage there are so many things to consider such as choosing the type of ceremony to reflect your beliefs and personality. The Religious route tends to be straight forward as the structure does not vary that much. Couples who hire Celebrants are often spiritual but not religious and want a ceremony that combines their cultural backgrounds and religious traditions with their own unique identities.


In my work as a wedding Celebrant, I can legally marry you, I will spend time and genuine effort to build a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple, passionately telling your story in an emotive, inclusive, and engaging way. I want people to FEEL excited, feel joy, feel nostalgic, feel love but also feel the possible struggles and hurdles that you had to overcome to get you to this all-important threshold moment in your life, your wedding day.


If you are still unsure if going down the Celebrant Road is for you here are some of the benefits for you to consider..

  • Flexibility: A Celebrant is there to listen and guide you. A Celebrant will never say that there is a set right or wrong way of doing things, the choice is yours.

  • The Date and time: Celebrants are not restricted by days of the week or hours of the day.

  • The Location: A Celebrant can deliver a ceremony anywhere you choose. You are limited only by your imagination, be creative and choose an indoor or outdoor location that reflects you as a couple.

  • The Enhancements: A Celebrant will work with you to craft a personal ceremony, making your vision a reality and create heartfelt moments.

  • The Length and Style of the Ceremony: A Celebrant will deliver a dignified ceremony that can be as long or as short as you like. You also get to choose how formal or informal it is.

  • Vows: Your Celebrant will be happy to share their experience and give helpful tips on how you can write your own meaningful vows and incorporate rituals and symbolism into your ceremony.

  • Your Celebrant: Your Celebrant is chosen by you so you can select someone that you connect with that will reflect your personality and vision on the day.

In summary my advice is …. If you really want to personalise your wedding, hire a great Celebrant!

FABULOUS! From the minute we contacted Cara about our ceremony she was perfect with excitement and communication and truly paved the way to making the most amazing day. She created the perfect ceremony that was just what we wanted. We did not want formal, but we did want the ceremony to feel special and be an occasion to remember. If you are even considering a vow renewal or wedding ceremony, contact Cara. Even if you are 3500 miles away in the USA, contact Cara! She is like a fairy godmother and can give you a beautiful Happily Ever after!

Angie & Doug Ray, Tennessee USA